Kaysar Ridha Kaysar Ridha

The second time was not the charm for Kaysar Ridha in the Big Brother house. The Californian graphic designer earned a new lease on his reality-TV life thanks to winning a whopping 82 percent majority in the America's Choice vote. But his stay turned out to be short-lived when he made a deal with Jennifer and gave her Head of Household in return for his safety. She went back on her word — a popular thing in this game — and put him up for eviction against his pal Janelle, pretty much guaranteeing his permanent ouster. TVGuide.com caught up with Kaysar the day after he was granted freedom from the BB compound to see what he learned this time.

TVGuide.com: Sorry to be talking to you again so soon.
Kaysar Ridha:
I know, what was it, a week? It's sad, I know.

TVGuide.com: Were you surprised that it was a unanimous vote last night, or did you tell your team to vote for you?
They knew. I told them last time I was evicted to vote for me unanimously and they sort of knew what I wanted. It was pretty obvious who was going to leave. It was so Janelle could have a better chance at doing well, with [her] having high spirits going into the next HOH [competition], and I think it worked.

TVGuide.com: Were you hoping when you went back in that you would have a free week not to worry [about eviction]?
I was hoping for that, but the dynamic of this household — which is different from any other Big Brother household that preceded it — is they're just nasty. So this was done purposely. I wanted to divide the house from the beginning based on people's values, morals, based on integrity, based on what they wanted out of the game, and that's where the division is. It's clear.

TVGuide.com: It has become clearer each week.
Did you notice how Jennifer tossed the key on the floor, didn't even have the respect to hand it over? You're supposed to take the key off your neck and put it on someone else's neck. It's ceremonial. [But] she tossed it on the floor for Janelle to fetch it.

TVGuide.com: Are you and Michael going to spend the rest of the summer hanging out?
We've got plans for lunch this afternoon at my parents' place.

TVGuide.com: You must be excited to see your family.
I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to see them. I spoke to them last night, and my mom was hyperventilating because she was so happy to hear my voice. She couldn't breathe, she was just trying to tell me all the great things that have been happening — all the phone calls and positive responses, people calling from not only all over the country, but even Europe.

TVGuide.com: Europe? Really?
They have their own [version], but they watch the live [U.S.] feeds. It's been pretty crazy.

TVGuide.com: You found out last night that 82 percent of the America's Choice votes were for you...
I have to say, as embarrassing as it is, I started tearing up a little bit. It's overwhelming. I tried to stay humble throughout the whole experience and it just gave me clarity.The fact that that many people supported what I was doing is an amazing feeling.

TVGuide.com: Are you worried that you let people down?
I'm my biggest critic, and part of me believes that I did let them down, but that's in the past and there's nothing I can do about it. I was so happy to see how many people supported me, and for me to leave that very week was crushing. I really wanted to go [back] and make a difference and restore order. I felt like people on Maggie's end were abusing power and treating people like trash, and they knew that once I was out that door that they were going to be abusive once again. That's what they were afraid of. They saw that my team once again came together, there was that bond, that glue that really brought us together, and they were afraid of that. I told [the housemates], "You can get rid of me, but you're going to have to deal with the rest of them." I felt like I was used as a punching bag. They basically ran my face through the mud, and they were so proud of themselves.

TVGuide.com: When you were in the pressure-cooker challenge, did anyone try to tell you not to trust Jennifer?
Janelle and Rachel kept saying, "Don't let go," but we reached the 14-hour mark. The only words coming out of Jenny's mouth were, "Is this a record? Am I going to be famous?" She's doing the whole thing for the wrong reasons, and I hate that whole mentality. I knew she was lying with that whole crying thing — "I just want to see my boyfriend, Dan; I miss him so much!" She kept whining and whining.

TVGuide.com: Did you let her win to get her to shut up?
I really wanted to believe her, but she was lying the whole time and it's sad. Just disgusting. I can't get over it, I just have this feeling of disgust in the pit of my stomach and I just can't shake it.

TVGuide.com: How weird was it to celebrate your birthday with these people whom you do not necessarily get along with?
[Laughs] It was very weird to celebrate my birthday with strangers. It was weird because I was out of the house and [just figured] if I'm out of the house, I'll be home in time for my birthday. You just take it one step at a time. Now I'm back out of the house again and I can celebrate my birthday.

TVGuide.com: At least you got a good gift [an MP3 player] out of it!
I can't complain about anything. I would have loved for things to play out a little differently; I would have loved to have more clarity going into the house the second time around. All in all, if I look at it as a package deal, I think I came out on top. All the money in the world wouldn't have really made a difference.