Katie Holmes Katie Holmes

Dawson must be so jealous. When Katie Holmes returns to TV on Oct. 21, she'll set her sights on another small-screen hunk: Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller). Sparks will fly between the nonprofit lawyer and the real-life Mrs. Cruise, who will also get a chance to show off her — who knew? — musical chops on the show.

"The thing I'm looking forward to most is people seeing Katie in a way they've never seen her before," says executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "The first time I heard her sing, I was like, 'Who are you?' She is a revelation."

Adds Guggenheim, "[She] knocked it out of the park" during her sultry performance of Duke Ellington's jazz classic "Hit Me With a Hot Note."

Despite her status as bona fide Hollywood royalty — yes, daughter Suri was with her on the set — the 29-year-old was every bit as charming when the cameras stopped rolling. "She was really sweet and down-to-earth," says Guggenheim. "We filmed for about 16 hours on the first day, and she was a trouper." Adds Garber, "Everyone just loved her. She was incredibly professional and not in any way demanding."

Does this all mean that Eli Stone fans could be in store for a reprise? Says Guggenheim, "We'd love for her to come back. It was a great experience for us — and hopefully for her, too!" — Dana Meltzer Zepeda, with additional reporting by Anna Dimond