Kooky Kathy Griffin plays a pair of doppelgängers on Sunday's episode of The X-Files, but the cute comedienne is sure that die-hard fans of the sci-fi series already know everything about the episode.

"The fans are superdevoted, so while we were on location there was a big group of people watching us," she tells TV Guide Online. "And it was so funny. This one woman had a laptop, so I'm sure she was in a chat room the whole time! All they got to see was Mulder going into his van, or something. There was nothing really to see, but I thought this [scenario] was really funny. David Duchovny didn't think it was as funny as I did."

Griffin, late of Suddenly Susan, can also be seen in Eminem's new video, directed by Dr. Dre. "I feel I should do a rap album," she says, jokingly. "I've had several offers. I think I'm too gangsta, though. Rap is going through a very soft, pretty thing, and I'm too hard-core."

Speaking of raunchy material, "I think the whole politically incorrect movement is the worst thing to ever happen to comedy," Griffin says. "There should be separate rules for comedy. 'Politically correct' can apply when you are talking about things that teachers, members of the clergy and other role models can say, but when it comes to stupid comics we should be able to say whatever we want."

Griffin was free to say whatever she wanted when she hosted an Australian awards ceremony a few years back. "They kept telling me, 'Take the piss out of the evening,' which is their version of, 'Be really mean and sarcastic,' which is my dream come true!"