Kathy Bates Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates says NBC treated her former show Harry's Law like sh--.

"I think they treated us like sh--," Bates told reporters on Friday at the Television Critics Assocation presentation for her FX show American Horror Story: Coven. "They kicked us to the curb. They disrespected us. They disrespected our 11 million viewers every week. And I think they're getting what they deserve."

Despite being canceled after two seasons, Harry's Law earned four Emmy nominations, including two for Bates and one win for guest star Paul McCrane.

Later on the panel, Bates said, "I would like to add something on the positive note. I thought after all of that, I wouldn't [go back to TV]. But I met with Ryan [Murphy] and I must say that when he pitched this show to me, this little kid in me started running around jumping."

 American Horror Story: Coven premieres in October on FX