Being the daughter of rich and fabulous actress Goldie Hawn isn't always as easy as it looks, according to Almost Famous star Kate Hudson. The 21-year-old — who also stars in Robert Altman's soon-to-be-released Dr. T and the Women and opposite Richard Gere in the upcoming About Adam — says it's especially tough when you're trying to get through those awkward teen years. "When I hit puberty, I started trying to figure out who I was, and trying to come to terms with my feminine power," she tells Vanity Fair. "Then you look at your mother, who's got this incredible figure. You're standing there with little bee stings on your chest, saying, 'Well, what about me? Am I pretty? Am I going to have a nice figure? Am I sexual?'"

But Hudson, who was raised by Hawn and her equally famous partner, Kurt Russell, offers high praise for her old folks. "We just had unconditional love," she says of her and brother Oliver. "When your mother looks at you and you can see in her eyes that nothing means as much to her as her children and her family life, and your father does, too — that's all you need."

When Hudson speaks fondly of her "father" she is not referring to her real dad, former Hudson Brothers singer Bill Hudson. "He doesn't know me from a hole in the wall," she confesses. "I know what went on with the divorce, but the bottom line is you call your kids on their f**king birthday. But I don't care. I have a dad. [Kurt] was always there, for the soccer games, the recitals — always."

As for Hudson's own lovey-dovey relationship with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, the actress notes that things are going just peachy. "We're totally committed to each other, and that will never change unless something horrible happens," says Hudson, who sports a diamond ring from the singer. Adds the 33-year-old rocker: "We're still in our little love bubble. It's horrible. I guess I'll have to make a whole record of love songs. Eeewwww, gross! Those are so much harder to write than lust songs or 'I hate you, bitch!' songs.'"