Kadee Strickland, Brian Benben Kadee Strickland, Brian Benben

Although much of ABC's Private Practice is serious and somber, star KaDee Strickland says there are tons of levity to come on-screen — and that the cast has plenty of fun off-screen.

"The beauty of what Shonda [Rhimes] creates for us over at Private Practice is that for every terrible thing that happens, somehow we rise," Strickland says.

Private Practice's post-attack therapy: Charlotte's road to recovery

Behind the scenes, Strickland says there's plenty of laughing that goes on and that the biggest jokester is Taye Diggs (Sam). But Brian Benben (Sheldon) gives him a run for his money.

"You would not believe the things that come out of this man's mouth," she adds.

In the video interview below, Strickland shares more about the off-screen antics and why playing Charlotte is cathartic.