Winona Ryder isn't the only Hollywood actor who ever faced off with department-store security. While shopping for his role as a crossdressing basketball player in Juwanna Mann, Miguel A. Nuñez, Jr. got busted, too! Only his offense was more embarrassing than shoplifting...

"The panty hose [Mann's costumer] got me made my legs look really skinny," complains Nuñez, who decided to purchase more flattering hosiery for himself. Too bad his shyness slipped him up: "I couldn't just go in [the store] and ask for panty hose in my size. So I figured I would wait and hide, watching women try on panty hose. If a big woman came in who was my size, I would just get what she got.

"The next thing I know," he laughs, "they called security because they thought I was some pervert. They kicked me out!"

Despite his shopping snafu, Nuñez — who also donned drag in Life, co-starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence — says playing a woman has made him a better man.

"My hat's off to women!" he says. "Wearing high heels was like walking on nails for five hours. Tie a dog around your head, and that's what that wig was like. I used to tell my wife, 'It doesn't take anybody that long to get dressed! Just throw anything on. We're not going to the prom.'"

Now Nuñez knows better. These days, as he watches wife Yulanda get dressed, he's more likely to launch into Juwanna mode and exclaim: "That's cute! Do you think they make it in a 34?"