Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was under siege at a Macy's in New York City Thursday while promoting the launch of his new fragrance, Someday. Fans got unruly and the police stepped in.

Bieber introduced his cologne inside the store and then went outside in Herald Square to greet the throngs of fans trying to catch a glimpse of him. While initial reports said the 17-year-old pop star was tackled to the ground, a spokesperson for the NYPD tells TVGuide.com that Bieber was not touched and no one was injured.

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The spokesperson added that a member of Bieber's personal security team was given a summons for disorderly conduct after confusing a plainclothes police officer for an eccentric fan and trying to pull him away from Bieber after the cop attempted to help with the crowds.

Bieber, who appeared on The View before the event, later attended a Meet and Greet with fans after the incident.