Producers of NBC's Just Shoot Me are pulling out all the stops this season as the comedy settles into its new Thursday night time slot following Will & Grace. Some highlights: Nina becomes a mom, Jack gets a divorce and Finch is reunited with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos... well, maybe.

"We're talking about bringing Rebecca Romijn-Stamos back for another adventure with David Spade," says executive producer Marsh McCall, adding that, "David signed a paper saying he's going to show up every day [if that happens]."

Well, aside from Romijn-Stamos's possible return, life at Blush magazine will be anything but business as usual this year. For starters, Nina will find herself in the throes of motherhood. "We'll leave her with a surrogate daughter to take care of," McCall reveals. "The one thing we've never explored with Nina ? except in very quick ways ? are her misguided maternal instincts." The exec adds that Nina also will "get in a real romantic relationship."

Viewers can also expect major developments in the personal lives of the other staff members: "Maya and Elliot's relationship is going to flourish and be funny, but there may be some storm clouds on the horizon," McCall says. "We're getting George Segal's character [Jack] divorced from Allie [so he] can play the field again; and we're talking about [bringing back] 'Slow Donny,' Elliot's brother who pretends to be retarded. We have an adventure with him that I think will take people by surprise. Of course, it will involve conniving and manipulation ? people would be disappointed if we didn't."

What's more, Just Shoot Me will commemorate its 100th episode in the spring, and McCall hints that some familiar faces may show up to help celebrate. "We're lining up some really exciting stunt casting. I can't tell you names because that's not finalized yet. I don't want those people to see their names in print before they've signed on the dotted line."

But the more things change, the more they will stay the same, McCall jokes. "David Spade will be striking out with the ladies as usual," he says. "[And] we have a bit of an adventure that he has with Nina."