Hollywood superstar or not, Julia Roberts isn't forgetting the little people. The Oscar winner recently was spotted at a Los Angeles-area youth basketball game on the arm of steady beau Daniel Moder. Apparently, Moder's nephew plays on one of the local co-ed teams, and Roberts was there to help cheer on the aspiring Kobe Bryant.

But it wasn't a member of the paparazzi who blew the erstwhile Pretty Woman's cover — it was her former Mystic Pizza co-star William R. Moses, whose 9-year-old daughter, Remi (with ex-wife Tracy Nelson), plays for the opposing team. "I'm the assistant coach and I was sitting there, and I look across [the court] and Julia was sitting there with her boyfriend," the 42-year-old actor recounts to TV Guide Online. "They were there watching his nephew.

"It was the first time I had seen her in at least 10 years," adds the onetime Falcon Crest heartthrob, who played basketball while a student at the University of Southern California. "She looked great... She looked really happy. We said 'hello' and gave each other a kiss. She's really something. It was really good to see her."

Moses — who last year celebrated the birth of his second daughter, Grace (his first child with new bride Sarah) — admits that while working opposite a then-19-year-old Roberts in 1988's Pizza, he knew that a star was about to be born. "She was young and fresh and clearly going places," he recalls, "and was really a tremendous force to reckon with — even at that age."