Josh Brolin says his gypsy past helped him prepare for his starring role in CBS's upcoming remake of the 1955 movie Picnic.

The 32-year-old son of actor James Brolin tells the TV Guide Channel that growing up in a Hollywood household ? complete with frequent traveling and yo-yoing fortunes ? gave him a "gypsy interior" similar to the character he plays in the upcoming drama. Brolin plays Hal Carter, a drifter who shakes up a small Kansas town.

Brolin, best known for his work in such movies as The Goonies and The Mod Squad, says it took a little convincing to get him to sign on for the TV project. "I mean, I haven't done a TV anything for 10 years," he marvels. "I had a very solid reason for not doing it, because I thought it was pretty much all crap.

"But really good actors are starting to make the leap back and forth," he adds. "And they're starting to put a lot more money and care into the productions, instead of just spitting them out one after the other."

Brolin says the opportunity to work opposite co-star Mary Steenburgen also played a big part in his decision. "Mary Steenburgen [is] probably one of the most beautiful, interesting, mischievous people I've ever come across in my life," he confesses. "I've got the biggest crush."