Move over, Rocco. There's a new reality stud on the scene and his name is Jonathan Antin, hubba-hubba hairstylist to the stars. The hottie at the center of Bravo's Blow Out (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET), Antin has only 28 days to open and staff his very own Beverly Hills beauty salon — and that's just in the series premiere! Suffice it to say that things get hairy for our hunky hero, who along with executive producer Ben Silverman, took a breather from hectic schedules to plug their project and dish on the beauty biz.
How did Blow Out come about? Ben Silverman: I wanted to do a show around a character like Jonathan even before The Restaurant [which Silverman also produces] went on the air. I had been having conversations about doing a show in a salon following a straight, single hairdresser as he went about pursuing his dream. And then it took 18 months to find that guy and it was Jonathan. It took probably around six weeks to find a stud single chef but to find a stud single hairdresser was a much longer process.
Jonathan Antin: I was a fan of The Restaurant and was impressed with Ben. He wanted to shoot something very similar to what my dream was. This was the perfect opportunity. I just really trusted Ben.