Jon Stewart Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart knew taking on CNBC's talking heads would be good for laughs, but even he was surprised at how big the showdown got.

"It was this small thing. We saw this guy, Rick Santelli, ranting about homeowners and the poor judgment they showed," Stewart told during the Blue School Gala in New York. "So this simple thing, where it was saying your judgment is up for discussion — somehow it turned into a whole other thing."

The feud blew up last month when Stewart lashed out at the financial network's Mad Money host Jim Cramer, who finally appeared on The Daily Show in one of the most anticipated late-night matchups since Letterman v. McCain.

So who's next on Stewart's search-and-destroy list? "I'm taking down HGTV next. I'm just going down the cable dial. It's all going down."

Stewart, whose children, Nate, 4 and Maggie, 3, attend the Blue School, also joked about fatherhood. "It's been an amazing experience being a parent, it does change your perspective," he said. "You have the ability to ruin someone from scratch. That opportunity doesn't come along that often."

But he credits the creative arts school, which was co-founded by the Blue Man Group, for his children's hope for success. "My kids started going there a couple years ago when they first started it. They're both in college now, it's a very advanced program. It's an incredibly warm and supportive environment. Turns out the foods not so bad, either."