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Jon Gosselin says he has proof that he only withdrew $22,000 — not $230,000 — from his and Kate's joint bank account and says it's "absolutely not true" his estranged wife cannot pay her bills.

"We have a corporate account, which she is talking about. And we have a housing account. The corporate account is where my TLC paycheck goes to and every week I withdraw from that account," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I have the proof right here that I only took $22,000, which is my paycheck."

Kate: I can't pay my bills

Kate has accused Jon of draining their account of $230,000, which she says has crippled her to the point that she is unable to pay her bills

. The father of eight, however, says Kate, who made $1 million off her book, has 11 other bank accounts and that he does his part to support their children."Let me also say that I pay $7,500 per month for the kids, utilities, two mortgages and everything else that needs to be paid," he said. "That's court money. $7,500 a month. That's what the court decided we owe. She pays $7,500 and I pay $7,500, so I've been writing those checks and every month, depositing them. She's been depositing them."

Jon, who says he's been locked out of a room that contains financial records and his clothes, also shot down Kate's claims that their kids were "angry" production on Kate Plus Eight was suspended.

Report: Kate accuses Jon of cleaning out account, hires lawyer

"When we told them we were getting a divorce, the 5-year-old said, 'What's for lunch?' and the two people who really cared were Mady and Cara," he said. "Cara broke down and Mady was like, 'Oh, I saw this coming.' She probably said to them, 'Daddy's put a halt on filming. Your friends are going to go away.' She probably worded it in a way that was in a violation to them, their sense of security."Reiterating his desire to apologize to Kate and their children, Jon said he also wants to apologize to the American public."I realize that now that I do have to apologize to the public, as well as to Kate and my kids. ... For her to call me a criminal, stealing money, that she thinks I stole, it's gotten so ridiculous," he said. "It's he-said, she-said. Now she thinks the American public is going to believe her over me. I have to defend myself in that. It's just blown out of proportion."