Music legend Johnny Mathis charms audiences with his latest album, a compilation of Broadway hits, but he still gets "Misty" over his old romantic ballads.

"A lot of people have come to me with stories about naming their children after songs that I've sung over the years. Misty, for instance, is a popular name that they've given their children," the beloved performer tells TV Guide Online. "And a lot of people have stories, of course, about romance and my music being there while they were romancing their partners." Yeah, baby!

Mathis, who teams up with Nell Carter and Betty Buckley on his new album, Mathis on Broadway, says he's come a long way in his career. "My voice is a little different now than what it was early on, but not too much. I listen to some of my early recordings and every word is enunciated and every note is pounced on. There was very little subtlety but, of course, I was trying to impress. When you're young you're really just out to conquer the world."

Does Mathis mind that he'll go down in the history books as the voice of romance? Nah. "If you last long enough in this business everybody sort of gravitates toward one aspect of whatever it is that you're doing. In the beginning you say, 'I do other stuff, too.' But the public has to attach themselves to something that you do to differentiate you from someone else. And you get used to it. I got over that a long time ago."