Celebrity pilot, hubby, father and busy actor John Travolta fesses up that when he's not navigating the friendly skies to unwind, one of his earthly pleasures ? besides eating whatever he wants ? is manning the controls of his TV's remote, surfing shows that would make any good "sweat hog" proud.

"Sometimes Kelly will catch me watching a Spanish station that I don't understand. Not music or anything, but a talk show in Spanish," Travolta reveals in the latest issue of Good Housekeeping, referring to his wife, actress Kelly Preston. "I don't know why I like listening to a language I don't understand, but I do."

He goes on to say he's also gotten channel-busted by his wife in the midst of watching programs produced domestically in his native tongue. "She'll find me tuning into those odd home shows on public television that teach you how to do something at home that you're never going to do."

Travolta further feeds his boob-tube habit by admitting to being a secret soap opera junkie and an inexplicable fan of shock TV.

"I'll suddenly tune into the middle of one of those horrific afternoon shows, you know, where the people are screaming at one another. It's peculiar, I know?and yet, I really enjoy it."

Perhaps there's a method to Travolta's TV madness after all. In his new movie, Numbers, he plays an unlucky local weatherman who gets involved in a lottery scam. He says whether he's playing a screen hero, villain or "less-than-perfect guy," his main goal is to be entertaining. Who knows? Maybe his next screen character is just a click away, too.