Imagine Bob Vila on a really good hair day, and you get Joel West, the hunky carpenter on ABC's newest Extreme Makeover spin-off, the upcoming Wedding Edition special (May 9 at 10 pm/ET).

If West's face (and other assets) look familiar, it's because the Iowa farm boy was once among the world's highest-profile male models. In the mid-'90s, his steamy Calvin Klein advertising campaigns had him flashing his rippled abs and microscopic skivvies in magazine ads and on Times Square billboards.

Now 30, his hair isn't as thick as it was when Richard Avedon photographed him for Versace all those years ago. But West, who is also an actor, wasn't just hired by ABC to be a pretty face. He actually has some legit carpentry credentials: His father was a foreman at a construction company, and West has been working with tools since he was 10. He's also worked carpentry jobs in the Los Angeles area recently.

And as for the wedding part of the show, West himself was hitched in August 2002 to actress Anna Bocci. The couple have a 6-month-old son, Owen.

"I was the single guy who was never gonna settle down," he says with a laugh. "But I met the right woman and, hey, now I love going to weddings."