Joan Rivers, Donald Trump Joan Rivers, Donald Trump

Newly "hired" Joan Rivers gave her competitor Annie Duke a big hug after winning the final face-off on Celebrity Apprentice — but that doesn't mean the two will be friendly any time soon.

"We're not going to be BFFs," Rivers told about her future interactions with the famous poker player. "It's a shame, because I think she's a brilliant poker player, but she plays life like poker and I don't. I play life like bingo."

During Sunday's gala challenge finale, Rivers won $250,000 for her charity, God's Love We Deliver, beating out her bitter adversary Duke. And let's just say these two contestants haven't been shy about letting the hateful words fly.

"Her harsh words were much harsher than mine," Rivers explained. "[She said], 'I wish you would die' or 'The cancer has left the room.' She also told somebody, 'Now I know why her husband committed suicide.'"

While Rivers compared Duke to Hitler in an earlier episode, the comedienne is not apologizing for her controversial comment. "They both were driven, they both were duplicitous and both did anything to win — so I stand behind that," she said.

She does have one regret though. "I shouldn't have worn such high heels because I look like I was going to fall over!"

Rivers will host a new TV Land series, How'd You Get So Rich? (which premieres Aug. 12 at 10 pm/ET), in which the funnylady will explore the lifestyles of the extremely wealthy.