Star Wars: Episode II &#150 Attack of the Clones may have been a force to reckon with at the box office this past weekend, but Jennifer Lopez isn't worried that Yoda and Co. will take a lightsaber to her new film Enough (opening Friday). In fact, the actress-singer thinks it was smart of Sony to release the revenge flick a week after Clones.

"[Enough] is a thriller and I think that's what we really need to put out there," she says. "It has twists and turns and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's kind of the alternative to Star Wars."

Eh, maybe. But an argument certainly could be made that both films' plots revolve around a battle between good and evil. In Enough, J.Lo plays a battered wife who, after years of abuse, turns the tables on her monster of a husband (Once and Again's Billy Campbell). Also, like George Lucas's blockbuster prequel, Enough boasts a kick-ass finale that is sure to have audiences cheering.

Unfortunately, Lopez was doing anything but during the film's grueling shoot. "This was my hardest role to date because it was very physically challenging," she sighs. "It was also very emotionally challenging." So much so that it led the 31-year-old Bronx native to commit a film first: "I had to take off three days. I've never taken a day off on any movie. Fourteen movies [and this was the] first time. I was just emotionally exhausted."