Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

It's the end of an era.

After three years, six seasons and countless drunken fights later, Jersey Shore has come to an end. So did they, in the words of the ever wise Vinny, "go out like true f---ing champions?"

Yes and no.

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Skip forward a bit and after making a fool of Paula last week, The Situation's ex sends the crew some cake. While most of the roommates are wary, Pauly, Deena and Mike dive in. Afterwards, they're still walking and breathing, so they decide Paula wasn't out for revenge.

Someone who might be out for blood, though: Ron. After trying to get back at Sam for locking them out, Pauly and Vinny try to pull one last prank. But in the midst of hiding the sometimes-happy couple's airbed, the failed pranksters poke a hole in it. Fortunately for them, Ronnie turns his anger on Sammi instead of the true culprits.

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