Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

It was the highly anticipated Sammi-Ron face jab episode this week on the Jersey Shore. And amidst the couple's severe dysfunction, Deena managed to become the center of a kinky rumor, Snooki bought a stripper pole, and the house got two new furry roommates.

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For her: She really laid the smackdown on new beau Dean after he spread dirty rumors about what kinky thing she likes to do in the bedroom (which we will not be sharing).
Against her: She went out with Dean in the first place after she found out last week that he has a girlfriend. Homewrecker.
Verdict: Hate her

For her: Despite her feud with Sam and Ron, she still tried to console Ron about his most recent brawl with his girlfriend. And by the end of the episode, she was even willing to put all the drama aside and hug it out with Sammi. Apparently, hell has frozen over.
Against her: However, while trying to console Ron, she said that she and Snooks only told Sammi about his infidelity because they wanted her to leave. That's all sorts of messed-up.
Verdict: Love her

For him: Nothing
Against him: Wait, was he even in this episode?
Verdict: Love him

For him: For some reason unbeknownst to us, he gave Sammi another chance after she jabbed him in the face — and we're not talking a little love tap here. Still, it's very big of him (or stupid).
Against him: Rather than just walk away from Sammi and her drunken crazy talk, he took all her stuff and threw it out of the closet because he's mature like that.
Verdict: Sad for him

For her: Just when she had her bags packed and was ready to go, she ended up having a change of heart (much to our dismay). But the fact that she made the effort to speak to J-Woww should be acknowledged. 
Against her: Despite all her drunken hate ramblings, her worst offense, by far, was punching Ron square in the face because he was talking to J-Woww.
Verdict: Hate her

For him: Nothing
Against him: After asking Sammi for condoms (as opposed to, say, a male housemate), he told her that Ron is outside talking to J-Woww. Yep, always stirring the pot, that one. Then, when it really hits the fan and she threatens to move out, he told her not to leave.
Verdict: Hate him

For her:  She helped J-Woww change the locks at her house, even though she knew her friend Ryder was in town to celebrate her birthday.
Against her: She bought a stripper poll for the house because the housemates really needed another drunken hazard.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He took a plain old vuvuzela and transformed it into a "grenade whistle." And we give him lots of points for calling Sammi out on her ginormous ego.
Against him: Why would he invite a girl to the house after meeting her very protective uncle and cousins at the club? He's suppose to be bright one, no?
Verdict: Love him