Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy

Outspoken autism activist Jenny McCarthy is speaking out on Jett Travolta's death — something that hit very close to home for the mother of an autistic son who suffers from seizures.

"When I first heard the news about Jett, I slowly kind of sat down ... because my heart went out to them — you know, such compassion and understanding for what they've gone through, " McCarthy told Access Hollywood.

McCarthy, who nearly lost her 6-year-old-son to a seizure, explained the unfortunate common bond she and the Travoltas share. "Last year, Evan had another seizure where he seized for seven hours on and off and we had to put him in a coma for four days so he wouldn't go into cardiac arrest," said McCarthy. "So looking at Jett, I cried out of fear for my own son, and for, I can't even tell you how many children, with autism."

Though McCarthy spoke of autism, she made it clear that her statements did not imply she thought Jett was autistic. "I have no idea if Jett had autism," she clarified. "I didn't see, you know, enough footage, or ever meet Jett to give a diagnosis of my own."

But even if Jett had in fact been diagnosed, she wouldn't blame the parents for keeping it under wraps because of how difficult it is to be in public and have all eyes on your child.

"They should have the right to keep whatever they want to themselves, and share what they want with the world," she added.