Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner may feel like she needs an alias lately: the Golden Globe-winning actress has obtained a court order against a stalker.

Garner, 36, feels that Steven Burky is a threat to both her an her family, and says he's been harassing her since 2002, Us reports.

Garner, who is very pregnant with her second child with husband Ben Affleck, said in court papers that Burky's "obsessive and harassing behavior has escalated to the point of becoming dangerous and threatening."

The court papers also say that Burky, who is currently being held in a mental hospital per a court order, showed up at Garner's house, where he said that "God has sent him a vision of her being persecuted in some manner that may result in her death."

Burky also writes a blog called Satanic Panic in which he discusses topics such as human sacrifices.

Earlier this month a judge issued a temporary restraining against Burky, and another hearing is set for Thursday to make the order permanent.

Garner and Affleck have been married since June of 2005, and daughter Violet will be turning three in December. Garner is due with her second child this winter.

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