January Jones January Jones

Mad Men's January Jones tried her hand at comedy this week when she hosted Saturday Night Live. But was she able to cut loose from the stiff Betty Draper persona we've all come to know? Let's check out some clips:

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This was really the only Mad Men gag of the night. Jones monologue was almost immediately interrupted by a group of obsessed fans, which Jones referred to as "Mad Mennies." They even ended up on stage to sing the show's theme songs with their original lyrics.

Rear Window
Since Jones' Betty Draper has often been compared to Grace Kelly, SNL jumped at the opportunity to do a Rear Window sketch that involved incessant farting, a Hitchcock impersonation and, thanks to Jones breaking character, a lot of giggling.

A Ladies Guide to Party Planning
Keeping with the Mad Men theme, Jones' played a '60s housewife in an instructional video about party etiquette for women living in a male-dominated world.

Digital Short: Get Out
Though Jones did not star in this weeks' digital short, Fred Armisen took a starring role as a guy who no matter how hard he tries, he just keeps "accidently" walking in on his roommate on the can.

Today Show
SNL decided to resurrect their Hoda and Kathie Lee Today show sketch, with Jenny Slate stepping in for Michaela Watkins. The Black Eyed Peas even made a cameo, but Jones, who struggled with her line delivery in this sketch and several others, was basically pushed to the background.

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