Janice Dickinson Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson said she contemplated suicide while on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

On Wednesday's Season 4 premiere, a crying and distraught Dickinson, who's being treated for alcohol abuse, broke down before her counselor. Sober for years, the supermodel said she was "ashamed" for having recently "slipped."

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"I'm having thoughts of suicide," she said. "I wanted to go to the bathroom and try to hang myself. I want it to ... end.""You're going through the toughest part of your life right now, the fight for your life. And you're doing it," her counselor told her. "It's a fight for our lives. It's not easy."In addition to Dickinson, Season 4 of Celebrity Rehab

features Eric Roberts, The Hills' Jason Wahler, Frankie and Neffe's Frankie Lons, oil heir Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, Rachel Uchitel, Leif Garrett and Jeremy London.

Watch Dickson's breakdown below: