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Jane the Virgin gave many fans exactly what they wanted when Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) decided to consider getting back together last week. But we've already seen this couple through so many ups and downs and marriages and twins, so what makes this time different?

While Jane has always played with the notion that Jane and Rafael are fated to be together, what the pair has going for them now is so much more important than fate: their friendship, according to creator Jennie Snyder Urman.

"There's a bed of friendship and trust and knowledge about one another, so their relationship is from friendship first and then romance," Urman explains to TV Guide, adding: "It has a very different amount of weight and they're already very intimate, just not romantically. So that gives them a much firmer ground to stand on in terms of developing their relationship."

Now that Jane and Rafael have spent five years getting to know each other and growing into the best versions of themselves, it really looks like they'll stand a fighting chance of making this relationship work — that is, if they so choose.

Jane the Virgin airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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