Attention teenage girls: Since Leo is way over and you're looking for a new hottie to pin up in your lockers, how about James Franco? The Freaks and Geeks actor stars in the romantic teen flick Whatever It Takes ? and girls, Franco strips to next to nothing.

"The best diet is to know you have to do a scene in a G-string," the 21-year-old tells TV Guide Online. "I walked around the set that way so I pretty much just forgot about it. The hardest part was being tied up. I had a blindfold on, and as a joke, anybody could have snatched that thing off."

Whatever It Takes is a modern-day remake of Cyrano set in high school; Franco plays the dumb jock who gets a crash course in Personality 101. Recalling his teen years, the actor says, "I played football for about half a year but couldn't take it. I lost all my jock friends. It was rough in high school. I was very awkward with girls. There was this rumor that... my name in high school was Teddy, and [the rumor was that] Teddy was gay. In my high school no kids were coming out and there was a huge stigma. There was a lot of isolation. To deal with that I painted a lot. It was hard."

These days Franco is involved with Whatever co-star Marla Sokoloff (sorry girls and gay men) and is waiting to hear about the future of Freaks and Geeks. (Editor's note: It doesn't look good!) "Coming out of the gate we thought this was the ticket. I don't know of another show that got so much critical acclaim. It's kind of frustrating and disappointing feeling so overlooked like that." Hey, he could always try Chippendales.