Hollywood tough guy James Coburn has a confession to make ? he loves high colonics.

"A high colonic is the greatest release of your bowels you've ever had," the 71-year-old Oscar winner (Affliction) tells Playboy. "It's like a glorious bowel movement for somebody who's been constipated for a week."

Coburn has already undergone 15 high colonics to clean out his colon and upper intestine, and it sounds like he's ready for more. "It's different from an enema because it kind of squirts up, then it kind of cramps, then it flows back out again," the actor fondly recalls. "Then they pump some more warm water up and you see all that s--- that's been up there, for years probably."

The outspoken actor also bares all on his years of "experimentation" with marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. "I was never addicted, and the thing I found was that after a certain period of time, it gets really boring," he says. "I must say, though, I did like LSD, peyote and other psychedelics. They were interesting. They cleared my head.

"We used to chew some peyote, go up into the desert around Joshua Tree and run around, jumping from rock to rock, thinking we were great gazelles," says Coburn. "I came away understanding a lot more about myself and life."