Jada Pinkett Smith may want to spend the rest of her life with hubby Will Smith, but that doesn't mean she also wants to go to work with him. The 29-year-old actress — who is expecting her second child with the former Fresh Prince — admits that she's in no hurry to get in front of the camera with her honey.

"There's a lot of things I still want to do as Jada," she tells TV Guide Online. "Will is my husband and I feel like I want to do my own thing. I think he's ready for us to make a movie together, but I'm not. I'm sure that one day we'll find the right project."

As it is, the duo's first collaboration — they co-wrote Love for Hire, a film in development at Imagine — was a rocky affair. "Will and I didn't kill each other writing it, but it was a little difficult," she says of the project, in which they're wooing LL Cool J or Jamie Foxx to star. "We had those late nights sitting up arguing. We'd be in a room for 12 hours a day and I was getting cabin fever. It was hard, but we did it."

The couple's next joint venture is due by year's end. And as the expectant mother explains, being with child is a lot easier the second time around. "I was miserable in my last pregnancy," sighs Pinkett Smith, whose other co-production with Smith, son Jaden, turned 2 in July. "I gained a lot of weight and I was sort of wobbling around. At least I can still walk this time."

In other words, Pinkett Smith will likely be at the premiere of her latest film, the Spike Lee satire, Bamboozled, which opens Oct. 6. Other than that, she's just going to try and take it easy until the big day arrives. "[But] I still don't have any spare time," she says. "With our family schedule, I'm lucky to get a day away for myself. But I'm not complaining. I've had times when my whole life was a vacation, when Will and I were traveling together all over the world."