Famke Janssen Famke Janssen

Question: I take issue with your answer to Shelley's question in last week's column. The newest Nip/Tuck preview features several clips of Famke Janssen that are almost definitely not from last season. Also, I don't think they would use her in the promo if she was not going to be coming back. Just my opinion!

Answer: Since you clearly don't believe me, I'll share with you a direct quote from FX's Nip/Tuck spokesman, Scott Seomin: "The Famke scene in the new promo trailer was shot last year but not used episodically. It ended up on the cutting-room floor." FXecs featured Famke in said promo because they were hoping she'd come back and, as luck would have it, hope sprung eternal late Monday: Seomin now confirms that the X-symbol will film a fantasy sequence this Friday to be inserted into this season's second episode. "Matt [John Hensley] is at a bar imagining that she's there," he says, adding that, "We hope to have her back for more later this season. The production is trying to work around her busy film schedule."