To most American Idol fans, the tabloid tattling of romance between Nadia Turner and Scott Savol sounds ludicrous. Could last week's fabulous castoff and the creepy crooner with the violent past really have a thang going on?

"It's not true in any way, shape or form," Turner tells, adding, "That's definitely a rumor.

"It's funny. I [asked Scott to] come shopping with me. We had a bodyguard with us. This [paparazzo] comes out of nowhere, just flashing bulbs. Scott was totally just trying to veer me away from it and he put his arm around me, just to say, 'Let's get into this cab and get out of here.' If you look at the picture, they cropped the bodyguard out — and me and Scott just look like we're on a soiree [sic]. It's hilarious. We're definitely good friends."

Now that we've got that mess out of the way, let's turn to the travesty of Turner's premature exit. As our loyal Insider readers will recall, this reporter wrote an Idol Insider for TV Guide naming Turner and Mario Vazquez our early favorites. "You know what? I bought at least seven issues of that," she laughs. "I read it and it made me so happy. I was like, 'Ah, someone who sees the art. He sees the art!'"

You're welcome, Nadia. We hardly need ask how it felt for the love child of Gladys Knight and Tina Turner to vamoose so soon, just because she opted to sing an obscure Crystal Gayle song instead of something more familiar.

"It definitely is hard," Turner sighs. "On the real, at the end of the day, it does hurt. [I] started out really strong, and [I felt] like people get the artsy-fartsy in me and they see the eccentric and they appreciate it. Something went wrong somewhere.

"I did anticipate that I was gonna be there longer," she continues. "Everything happens for a reason. I'm not gonna see this as 'Woe is me.' I've been seen by 40 million people. This can only catapult my career to all the things I want to do, whether it's singing, acting, modeling or whatever it is. I feel like I've got more options that I didn't have before."

Like working with her American idol, the aforementioned Tina Turner? "I hope Tina Turner's watching [this show]," she enthuses. "If I met her, I'd just be floored. If I ever have the opportunity to work with Tina Turner, it is on."
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