Elizabeth Hurley says that despite what you may have read in the tabloids, her 13-year relationship with Hugh Grant is definitely kaput. However, the actress — who reportedly has begun dating billionaire financier

Ted Forstmann — adds that she and Grant will remain an item in a professional capacity.

"We still have our production company together," reveals Hurley, who plays the devil opposite Brendan Fraser in the big-screen remake of Bedazzled, opening today. "We just renewed our deal with Castle Rock and Warner Bros."

Hurley admits she isn't sure how their lack of romantic involvement will affect their future as producers. "We haven't done a movie since we split up, but it may be a plus that we're just best friends," she says, adding, "I'm very high on one project, a romantic comedy that Hugh has written, set in the south of France, that is very funny."

"We've been each other's confidants for so long that we still are," continues Hurley, also known as the face of Est&#233e Lauder. "I would find it very difficult to accept a movie without Hugh reading the script first, and I still read everything he's considering. I couldn't sign off on the photos for Bedazzled without having him look at them first. I guess old habits die very, very hard. It's difficult to find someone you can trust [the way] Hugh and I trust each other."

Despite their enduring bond, Hurley says there's little chance of a reconciliation. "I was very young, just 21, when I started going out with Hugh," she sighs. "You learn an awful lot along the way; maybe it would all be different if we met for the first time tomorrow. But, sadly, there is no going back."