Studly Dermot Mulroney admits he's got nothing on septuagenarian hunk Paul Newman, his co-star in the new flick Where the Money Is.

"Yeah, you want to talk about studs, this is Paul Newman we're talking about," he tells TV Guide Online. "There's no way to win that one, no way. It's his face, you know. He has something behind his eyes in every scene that you can see the gears cranking."

Baby blues and good genes aside, Mulroney enjoyed working on the heist scenes with Newman and says it felt a lot like something out The Sting. "Even when I read the script, I looked forward to those scenes for the very reason that this is Henry Gondorff (his Sting character). That was amazing." He says the two spent many nights in the cab of the truck "just goofing around or sitting quietly."

Mulroney plays ex-prom queen Linda Fiorentino's ex-prom-king husband, Wayne, who gets conned into helping her and Newman pull the job to spice up his bland marriage and keep an eye on his increasingly closer-than-thieves partners. "I get roped into it, he says. "It's kind of a tough decision, but once he does it, you can sort of see him get excited ? turned on by it." Turning Mulroney on even more was a quickie sex scene he and Fiorentino shared in the nursing home where inmate Newman is brought after faking a stroke. "I've done a lot of romantic scenes, but I don't know that I have done one quite like that. It was certainly a strange-but-pleasant way to spend the afternoon."