Hugh Grant has been a staple in the British tabloids ever since... well, we won't go there. Sour experiences with the press have taught the actor to grin and bear it, though.

"I used to sue and be thoroughly noncooperative about the whole thing. I used to say, 'This is a terrible, evil world and I'm not going to kowtow to it," he tells TV Guide Online. "That's easily the worst policy you can have. They kill you when you do that, and they did kill me for many years. I think they won. I had to give in and now I manage to be civil to them."

The Notting Hill star reveals the details of his one-man boycott of the scandal rags. "I used to think: What am I doing? I'm at a newsagent in England and I'm buying the tabloids. I find that I now don't buy them because I can't take it anymore. Your soul starts to shrivel up in the end. It's a nonstop diet of crap."

Grant seems a bit weary of publicity in general, actually. "I just don't understand why you can't make films that people enjoy and let someone buy some advertising and that's how people become aware of it. I've never understood why you have to do such huge amounts of publicity. It's almost more work than making the film."

Nonetheless, we caught up with Grant while he was promoting his role in Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks. "I'm a massive Woody Allen fan. I have very few celebrity crushes, well, not crushes ? obsessions. The three I've had all my life have been the Queen, Woody Allen and Olga Korbut, the Russian gymnast." Random.