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A summer camp romance is as traditional as summer camp itself — but what if that romance is with an authority figure?

"I don't know if it's as common as [one between campers], but I'm sure it's happened," Huge star Zander Eckhouse tells "You have to walk that fine line. Can you? Can't you? It's definitely tough."

Eckhouse is learning just how tough it is as his character, George, a newly hired counselor and fitness coach, is wrestling with his feelings for a camper, Amber (Hayley Hasselfhoff), at the weight-loss camp. The feeling is mutual, of course, but nothing has come of it — yet — besides a few flirty glances and George lending her his cell phone.

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"That cell phone scene was intense. There's major tension between them. You can feel it. George is definitely taken by Amber, but because he's so young and new, he's trying to find the balance between being a friend, an authority figure, a mentor and maybe being more than friend with some of them!" says Eckhouse, 23. "Will it be resolved? ... I think, in general, when two people are so attracted to each other, there's a point where they can't help themselves anymore. If two people are so taken with each other, they're going to find a way to feel that out."

Complicating the situation, however, is Ian's crush on Amber. Amber may not have eyes for the awkward musician, played by Ari Stidham, but Will (Nikki Blonsky) sure does — which could lead to some heartache as everyone gets closer over the summer, Eckhouse teases.

"I don't know if I'd say it's a happy ending. With everything that's going to happen, it's not your average love rectangle. It's a love rhombus," he says. "The love rhombus gets even more complex. It becomes a shape that I definitely didn't learn in geometry."

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