Huge - Hayley Hasselhoff Huge - Hayley Hasselhoff

The fat hits the campfire quite literally in Huge, as ABC Family tackles subject matter as tricky as it is weighty and comes up with a winner. This appealing and emotionally engaging series about life in a weight-loss summer camp comes with high expectations, having been co-created by Winnie Holzman, who enthralled a generation with the short-lived but long-remembered My So-Called Life.

Working with her daughter Savannah Dooley (with Holzman's husband Paul Dooley appearing in a key supporting role), this family affair is clearly a labor of love, as it allows Holzman again to demonstrate her rare gift for getting inside the minds of tormented adolescents who are often their own worst enemy. Even at their most appallingly self-absorbed, Holzman's young but hardly pint-sized characters are drawn with such sympathy and empathy you find yourself instantly rooting for them, even before the Biggest Loser pathos kicks in.

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