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Radio jock Howard Stern says he admires Charlie Sheen's ability to not care about anything.

"I sort of admire Charlie Sheen's ability to say f--- you to the world," Stern tells Rolling Stone. "It's a fascinating car wreck because, you know, how many people are in Hollywood dying for a hit television show? I don't know whether to give him a medal or to throw him in a loony bin. He doesn't care, and that's not me."

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Stern goes on to say that, in addition to caring too much, the other difference between him and Sheen is that he wouldn't hire a prostitute. "I'm too germ-phobic," he says.

The 57-year-old radio host can relate to one aspect of Sheen's life: Divorce. "After my divorce, I realized, 'Oh, wow, I can go have sex,'" he says. "And I was running around, picking up women. Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I really didn't need that much sex. I just wanted somebody with me every minute. I was using women as a surrogate mother."

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Stern's full interview with Rolling Stone, where he also discusses Artie Lange ("I just want Artie to stay alive") and his recent contract renewal ("I was pretty sure I was going to leave the radio), will hit stands on Friday.