While we don't know for sure whether anyone is dead on this season of How to Get Away with Murder, we have two bloody crime scenes and someone on a operating table very nearly kicking the bucket, on top of a missing baby to deal with. Throw in that this show is called what it is, and chances are not everyone's escaping this year's midseason finale alive.

So let's go through the possible candidates for the season's possible murder, and pick out who we think is in danger. For starters, it's comforting to know that all our ladies are probably safe, since they're present and accounted for in the flash forwards. Plus, the mysterious "he" people are asking to know the fate of pretty much confirms that the victim(s) in question is a dude. That eliminates a large chunk of the cast.

By our count, there are three men whose fates are still up in the air. Time to break down who they are, and why we think they may be goners.

How to Get Away with Murder: A Complete List of Season 4 Murder Clues

Jack Falahee, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Jack Falahee, How to Get Away with Murder

Connor (Jack Falahee)

One of the crime scenes in this year's mystery is Annalise's (Viola Davis) apartment, a place Connor has been spending an increasing amount of time at due to his involvement with her class action. The other potential murder site is at Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) office, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Connor could wind up there in a wrong time, wrong place situation. The fact that we have no clue where Connor is in the flash forwards — plus a totally traumatized looking Oliver — is bad news for fans hoping for Connor's survival.

Billy Brown, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Billy Brown, How to Get Away with Murder

Nate (Billy Brown)

Nate's another dude who's gone missing in the flash forwards. Considering he's an investigator for the District Attorney, it's super sketchy that he has been keeping a mystery client on reserve for Annalise's class action, but is that enough ammunition to get him killed? Maybe, maybe not. Add in that he's still spending a ton of time with Annalise, who just so happens to be drenched in someone's blood in the flash forwards, and that leaves Nate's fate in a precarious spot.

Behzad Dabu, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Behzad Dabu, How to Get Away with Murder

Simon (Behzad Dabu)

The fact that Simon recently revealed he's a DACA kid didn't stop Oliver and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) from deciding to use him as the fall guy for their plan to hack into the Antares files at Caplan & Gold. Even worse, both Oliver and Michaela have matching expressions of shock and guilt on their faces in the flash forwards and there's that huge blood splatter on the office wall to account for. Something obviously went off the rails with their plan, but was it enough to get poor, arrogant Simon killed?

Who do you think is biting the dust this season?

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