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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Monday's series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Read at your own risk.]

Nine years ago, after we learned how Ted Mosby met Aunt Robin on How I Met Your Mother, we just wanted him to meet his future wife. He finally did Monday, but his wife, the love of his life and who he ends up with weren't one and the same.

This story started with Robin (Cobie Smulders), and so it only makes sense for the finale to begin in September 2005, when the group welcomes Robin into the gang.

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Was The Mother just a cheap plot device to get Ted and Robin back together? Yes, in a way. But Ted's time with her also taught him nothing lasts forever, nothing's perfect. And he needs to move on with his life, but that doesn't make his relationship with The Mother any less important. I don't think the Ted of 2005 would've done the same.

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Was this a legendary finale? No. The last 10 minutes were rushed, and the kids' reactions were sort of bizarre. It's en vogue to complain about HIMYM these days, or rather, the past several years. The show wasn't perfect. No show that lasts almost a decade is. Parts of its later seasons were bumpier than Ted's collision with Bump Girl. And I don't disagree that nine years might have been too long for a show with such a focused conceit that was just asking for complaints. But the drawn-out reveal of The Mother, and her and Ted's meeting never bothered me, and the finale doesn't bother me.

, to me, wasn't about The Mother, but about storytelling — not the what, but the how. How did Ted find that lucky penny? How did Crazy Eyes think a hunchback was following her? How did brunch with Ted's folks — my favorite episode — go awry? How did Ted meet The Mother? How did we get there? Any other show would tell a linear narrative and cut to the chase. HIMYM told it in a way no one on TV had before: the way we tell stories. We interject. We correct something we had just said 30 seconds ago. We throw in asides. We get distracted and start another story when someone asks us about something we had just said or because we realized you needed this extra detail to appreciate what we're telling you now. We tell a follow-up story two days later because something sparked our memory. We tell stories that we find interesting but others might not.

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brought how we tell tales to life. Three weeks ago, The Mother told Ted that he lived in his stories. We all do. We're made up of them. They shape who we are. That's how we get to know each other. You go into work on a Monday and ask your coworker how their weekend was. You go home and tell your family how your day was. You go on Twitter when something ridiculous happens and figure out how to explain it in 140 characters.

So Ted took a little longer than usual telling his. And he ended up with someone we might not all want him to be with. In the end, that's OK with me. Because Bays and Thomas told the story they wanted to tell, and I can respect that. Was it worth the wait? Like Ted's road to The Mother and Robin, sometimes it's about the journey, not the ending.

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