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Table-flipping is so last year. This season's Real Housewives of New Jersey concluded with a reunion show two-parter that took the hysterics to new heights. Caught-in-the-crossfire host and Bravo exec Andy Cohen spills all.

TV Guide Magazine: Why did you decide to let Danielle Staub go?
Cohen: The truth of the matter is that I don't know where this story could go next; I think you've seen it play out as the story of three women who do not like the fourth, and that's a difficult story to keep telling.

TV Guide Magazine: In the first hour of the reunion, Teresa Giudice launched herself at Danielle, and you got tackled in the process!
Cohen: I was so surprised. My body was not expecting to be pushed — that's why I went down so easy! And she's strong.

TV Guide Magazine: Why so many fireworks? Even mild-mannered Jacqueline Laurita blew her lid!
Cohen: I think it had to do with the amount of tension going into the [seven-hour] day; the women [Teresa, Danielle, Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo] were all so hopped up after a year of basically not all being in the same room together for any amount of time... it was gonna blow. It wasn't if, but when, and it happened only a few minutes into taping.

TV Guide Magazine: Caroline was in rare form. Can you say "mama bear"?
Cohen: I was really amazed by the stuff coming out of her mouth — she's great TV. She told me beforehand that she'd had very little sleep the night before, but she was very sharp and funny.

TV Guide Magazine: How did Danielle cope with being ganged up on? Why even attend?
Cohen: I think she usually stays calm, and that's part of what upsets the other women. It was agreed that she would be there; it's part of the contract.

TV Guide Magazine: With Danielle gone, any chance Dina Manzo will return to the cast?
Anything's possible!

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