Sometimes I wonder if there are too many characters on this show and that Foreman, Chase and Wilson get slighted in terms of story line. When Wilson says to Cameron, "If love is based on lies, does that mean it's not a real feeling?" It's so obvious that something is terribly wrong in his life. Come on, who says that without having some deep-rooted issues? Not to mention that later scene of him settling in for the night on a couch located either in his office or his home (I couldn't tell which). Either way, I want more about Wilson. Cameron and her ethical dilemmas get a lot of airtime, but I didn't expect her to confess that she had fallen in love with her ailing and now-deceased husband's best friend. It makes her habit of seeing things in absolutes more interesting given the gray area surrounding her own fidelity. As for House's love life... well, he's doing some wacky things in the name of it. While crashing Mark's therapy session with the excuse "I come for the healing" was entertaining, it was also pretty cruel and House reserves that treatment for his patients. Maybe I'm not buying the whole unrequited-love bit. Moments after he bats his baby blues and says to Stacy "I need to know, do you love me or do you hate me?" he violates Stacy's privacy by reading her therapy records. No wonder Stacy loves him and hates him. Maybe once this love story ends as badly as I suspect it will, the other doctors on the show can get a few more lines and House can go back to acting out from the pain in his leg and not in his heart.