Ever wonder what happened to the Tanner family from ABC's sitcom Full House, which aired from 1987-95? Well, we know Raising Dad's Bob Saget just became another TV clan's widower dad. But did Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) ever get to be a rock star? Has little Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) finally stopped saying, "You got it, dude"? Tragically, we'll never know the answers to these nagging questions — unless there's a reunion special!

"I don't really see it happening," Dave Coulier — who played goofball Joey — tells TV Guide Online. "I just don't think there's that much interest from the cast. Everybody's just sort of moved forward and has great memories.

"We all still talk and visit with each other and hang out," Coulier continues. "It's not like we would do [a reunion show] just so we could see each other again." Indeed, Coulier explains he recently saw Stamos perform on Broadway in Cabaret. And he plans to see the rest of the Full House gang at the July nuptials of cast member Jodie Sweeten — who played middle daughter Stephanie.

So what takes place at these untelevised get-togethers? "Everybody kind of clicks back into the same personality that they were when we did the show," says Coulier, who's the quintessential class clown. "We laugh pretty darn hard when we get together."

So if there were a reunion special, what might the plotline be? "My character runs away and is now the biggest performing freak in the circus," Coulier jests, "and the entire family comes to save me. That's going to be playing only in my mind, I think!"