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The doctor is out. And while there isn't exactly huge outrage over House's cancellation (more than 70 percent of voters agreed it was time to pull the plug on Hugh Laurie's curmudgeonly genius), many die-hard fans are left pondering just what sort of ending creator David Shore and his team will come up with.

House pulls the plug after eight seasons

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2. House is fired.
Given his probation from jail and the recent incident that almost left Chase (Jesse Spencer) paralyzed, it's an understatement to say that House is in a precarious position. There's only so much leeway Foreman (Omar Epps) is going to be allowed to give House at this point.

3. House goes back to jail. This goes hand-in-hand with being fired, since working at the hospital is a condition of his parole. But what if his return to the Big House was in more grand fashion? We know past stars will be returning to the show, so what if House agreed to euthanize Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) as he promised in the 150th episode?

4. House reunites with Cuddy! Speaking of returning guest stars ... Given how House and Cuddy left things — you know, with his car rammed through her living room window — this one is definitely a stretch. But we'd give anything to see Lisa Edelstein reprise her role and play a significant role in House's exit strategy, even if it's not a fairy-tale ending.

5. House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) walk off into the sunset. Who doesn't want to imagine this memorable TV bromance carrying on for year and years? Can anyone say Grumpy Old Men 3?

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