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The time has come (finally) to talk about House of Cards. After three weeks of trying to keep the big spoilers under wraps and patiently wait around for people to finish binge-watching Season 2 — hurry it up, President Obama — the grace period is officially over. So where does that season premiere shocker rank with the rest of the jaw-dropping, must-rewind moments that followed it? ranks the craziest occurrences from the season.

Suffice it to say, spoiler alert!

10. Frank becomes president
The entire second season seemed to be building towards Frank's ascension to Commander in Chief, but just how he did is still pretty amazing (and slightly unbelievable). It was one thing for Frank (Kevin Spacey) to somehow manage to trick those within the White House — Linda (Sakina Jaffrey) and Catherine (Jayne Atkinson), etc. — to follow him no matter how many times he burned them. But he also steamrolled President Walker (Michel Gill), who, although he admitted he didn't know whether to trust Frank after he received that teary letter, still chose Frank over Tusk (Gerald McRaney), his friend of how many years, and pretty much sealed his eventual resignation. Someone that dumb doesn't deserve to be president anyways.

9. Jackie's secret tattoo revealed
The only thing that was more surprising and head-scratching than the reveal that Jackie (Molly Parker) is a masochist who has an elaborate tattoo because she enjoys feeling pain was the fact that that odd personality trait was never explored further.

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8. Adam returns
For every great supporting player House of Cards casually tossed to the side, the show did find a truly surprising way to bring Claire's Season 1 extramarital lover Adam Galloway (Ben Daniels) back into the mix when Tusk's team leaked not one, but two intimate pictures of Claire (Robin Wright) taken by Adam. Claire used a rather convoluted and confusing plan of conflicting media responses to overcome the issue, but her reputation was still left damaged.

7. Lucas is sent to prison/Christina gets canned
These two characters are completely unrelated, but their sudden dismissals from the show were equally frustrating. Christina's (Kristen Connolly) exit was a huge 180 after she rose to such a prime gig in the White House, and after Claire tried to play her against the First Lady. And in the wake of Zoe's death, it seemed logical to focus even more on her editor-turned-lover Lucas (Sebastian Arcelus) and her rival-turned-ally Janine (Constance Zimmer). Logical? House of Cards? Um, yeah, things went the exact opposite route, with Janine moving in with her mother and Lucas being sentenced to jail after he tried to uncover Frank's wrongdoing. But at least he still has someone fighting his battle in the form of rogue computer hacker Gavin Orsay (Jimmi Simpson), aka the guy with the guinea pig.

6. Freddy's goes out of business
On a daily basis, the Underwoods' devious ways could potentially affect the economy, national security, foreign policy, etc., but this slight hit much closer to home. Freddy's was the one place that truly humanized Frank, and to see this unassuming, humble and hardworking man be put down just because he got caught in the crosshairs of the Underwood-Tusk battle of 2014 was truly heartbreaking.

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5. Claire lies about her abortion
It was amazing to see Claire Underwood in a real, honest-to-goodness moment of weakness at the beginning of the season when she came face-to-face with the man who assaulted her in college. However, that vulnerability was parlayed into a strength when Claire, backed into a corner during a live CNN interview about why she hadn't had children (God forbid) and whether she had ever been pregnant, falsely linked her abortion to the time she was raped. The lie led to national media attention, a Congressional bill that almost made it to the floor and the undoing of a poor, young, emotionally unstable girl. All in a day's work for the Underwoods.

4. Doug dies
Frank's right-hand man had been spiraling out of control all season, but after he deleted Rachel from his phone and stopped driving out to her house for story time, it seemed like things were going his way. But Doug (Michael Kelly) couldn't help but scratch that itch, which led to Rachel to take matters into her own hands and take Doug down with a big rock. Now that Frank is president, he needs people like Doug to do his dirty work more than ever!

3. Rachel lives
Of all the wonderful supporting characters that the show has produced (Peter, Christina, Remy, Freddy), Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan) was by far the least interesting. Yet despite that, Peter's planted prostitute from Season 1 was pretty much featured in every episode. Look at Rachel learn how to make it on her own! Look at Rachel find God! Look at Rachel fall in love! Hopefully, the only good thing that comes out of Doug's death is Rachel's permanent disappearance.

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2. The threesome
In another season, this moment probably would have topped the charts. After the Underwoods' favorite Secret Service Agent, Meechum (Nathan Darrow), got drunk with Claire, he wound up kissing both her(!) and Frank(!!) before engaging in an off-camera threesome. Last time we checked, Frank and Claire don't enjoy being touched by each other, like, ever, let alone other people. Yet suddenly, both of these extremely private and protective people just stripped away all of their layers to do it with their security guard? Check, please.

1. Frank murders Zoe
The term "murder" doesn't even do it justice.  Frank suddenly threw Zoe (Kate Mara) right in front of a speeding subway car after she asked too many questions about Peter's death.  Those who watched the original British miniseries might have seen this coming, but it's still surprising considering what a dominant role Zoe played in Season 1. Not only did the death seriously put the show's believability into question, but hey, at least she didn't yell "Daddy!"

House of Cards' entire second season is available on Netflix. Which moment shocked you the most?