Taylor Momsen by Andrew Eccles/The CW Taylor Momsen by Andrew Eccles/The CW

The producers of Gossip Girl are said to already be pondering a spin-off, one that will either revolve around Taylor Momsen's Jenny or a new, yet-to-be-introduced character. (The Gossip Girl books at one point split off Jenny on her own adventures, in the It Girl series, when a series of humiliations force the lass to make tracks for boarding school.)

According to the Reporter, any spin-off would not necessarily land on the CW. Though the netlet would get first dibs, the series could ultimately get snatched up by ABC Family or any other outlet hungry for a youth-skewed commodity. GG exec producer Josh Schwartz tells E! there are no concrete spin-off plans "at this moment"/"right now," with the focus being the mothership's Season 2. - Matt Mitovich