Sherri Shepherd Sherri Shepherd

In Season 2, Hot in Cleveland (10/9c, TV Land) has already seen Betty White's old TV pincushion Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Bertinelli's former sitcom mom Bonnie Franklin fill big guest slots. And, according to executive producer Todd Milliner, the parade of bold-faced names won't end there. "We've got a lot of people who want to come in and play with these guys," says Milliner.

First up, in tonight's episode — which focuses on Elka (White) fighting her deceased husband's alleged mob ties in court — The View's Sherri Shepherd will preside over the case. Next week, Melanie Griffith will play herself; she'll meet — and become instantly competitive with — Victoria (Wendie Malick) at a casting call. "It's very cordial — at least at the beginning," says Milliner of their face-off.

Frasier's Peri Gilpin arrives later this season, as does Saturday Night Live vet Jon Lovitz, who'll play against type. "It's a really fun part," Milliner reveals. "He's playing a comic love interest, and he's bringing his full arsenal to the set." Now that's the ticket!

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