Who better to judge what soared and what stank in entertainment this past year then the very folks responsible for the highs and lows. TV Guide Online sought the opinion of some of the biggest names in showbiz — as well as some lesser-known celebs who we think will be huge this time next year — to weigh in on what stood out in their minds as 2000 comes to a close. And to all those people who chickened out on the "worst" question, we have this to say: Consider yourself blessed, John Travolta.

Gena Lee Nolin (actress, Sheena)
Best: "Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS. I love watching it with my son Spencer, who likes to make the choo-choo noises."
Worst: "102 Dalmatians. My son and I were so looking forward to seeing the sequel, since my son had seen the original, like, 100 times."

Dr. Joyce Brothers (advice guru)
Best: "Hollywood Squares."
Worst: "Eminem."

Cindy Margolis (talk show host, Internet pin-up)
Best: "HBO's original programming — Sex in the City, Oz and The Sopranos."
Worst: "Wannabe Millionaire shows, Greed, Twenty One, etc."

Sandra Bernhard (actress, comedienne, singer)
Best: "Shows like Sex & the City are the best and worst to me all in one, because it's so preposterous, and yet you can't help but watch it. So on some level, it's both. Shows like The Sopranos and Oz continue to be consistently great."
Worst: "The new Queer As Folk I think is absolutely awful. I mean, it's just beyond. It completely marginalizes gay men, and it's every cliché under the sun jammed into, like, one sexfest. It's pretty stinky."

Colleen Fitzpatrick aka Vitamin C (actress, singer)
Best: No Comment.
Worst: "This total homogenization of music. There are the same five people writing all the songs. You can't differentiate between the artists."

Thora Birch (actress, American Beauty)
Best: "Traffic and [HBO's] Curb Your Enthusiasm."
Worst: No Comment.

Marlon Wayans (actor, Scary Movie, The Wayans Bros.)
Best: "Scary Movie and The Wayans Bros.."
Worst: No Comment.

Zoe McLellan (actress, Dungeons & Dragons)
Best: "You Can Count on Me and Billy Elliot."
Worst: No Comment.

French Stewart (actor, 3rd Rock from the Sun)
Best: "The Contender."
Worst: "Anything that's too reality-based. I don't want to see teenagers in trouble and I don't want to see monkeys robbing liquor stores. No world's goofiest boating accidents or any of that."

Gary David Goldberg (exec. producer, Spin City)
Best: "Proof (on Broadway) with Mary Louise Parker."
Worst: "The Portland Trailblazers in the fourth quarter against the Lakers in Game 7 of that series. That was the worst thing that I ever saw."

J.J. Abrams (exec. producer, Felicity)
Best: "The Planet of the Apes DVD, because I don't think you can have enough Planet of the Apes."
Worst: "Most of the awful stuff that I've heard or seen, I've been responsible for."

John Hensley (actor, Madigan Men)
Best: "Requiem for a Dream. I think I actually said, 'Wow!' at the end of it. It was unbelievable."
Worst: "The homogenization of music. Some of it just seems to be crammed down the throats of anybody with a television or stereo."

Clark Gregg (actor, State and Main)
Best: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Croupier."
Worst: "The story of dimpled chad."

E.G. Daily (voiceover artist, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls)
Best: "Meet the Parents. The whole premise was hysterical."
Worst: "The Sally Jesse Raphael Show. The guests on the show I saw, and the subject, were just poor white trash. Also, I thought the Bette show was pretty bad — and I love her."

BT (electronic artist)
Best: "Radiohead's Kid A."
Worst: "Movies with no plot."

Joel Coen (filmmaker, O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Best: "I liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Traffic."
Worst: No Comment.

Ethan Coen (filmmaker, O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Best: "Chicken Run."
Worst: No Comment.

Lit (rock band)
Best: "Meet the Parents."
Worst: "Battlefield Earth."

Leigh Nash (lead vocalist, Sixpence None the Richer)
Best: "Billy Elliot."
Worst: "Bette."

Jennifer Garner (actress, Dude, Where's My Car?)
Best: "Charlie's Angels."
Worst: "[MTV's] Jackass."

Jackie Stallone (mother of Sylvester)
Best: "Erin Brockovich."
Worst: "Late Show with David Letterman."

Lisa Whelchel (actress, Facts of Life)
Best: "Remember the Titans."
Worst: "Thomas and the Magic Railroad."

Matthew Lillard (actor, Scream)
Best: "Dancer in the Dark."
Worst: "Dancer in the Dark, because it raised the bar for filmmaking and made all of this year's other films pale in comparison."