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If there's one takeaway from Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford's workout hour on Today, it's this: Nothing — not even exercise — can come between these ladies and their liquor.

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But the joke's on us for even considering that they could put down the cocktails and feel the burn by working out for a full hour on Friday's episode, which encouraged viewers to exercise along at home. Less than five minutes in, the gals, riding stationary bikes, needed a water break. Assistant Sal — in full Richard Simmons gear, of course — brought them water bottles that happened to be full of Chardonnay. ("2002!" Gifford deduced.)All drinking aside, we, uh, toast the two for their full-on commitment to a stunt for a good cause. They pedaled away for most of the hour — even with guest Seth Rogen

at one point — before switching to treadmills. And all the while, they were still their usual kooky selves. The final calorie count: Kotb, 352; Gifford, 423.But the true role model for staying fit in America? Brian Williams. The Nightly News anchor dropped by to applaud the ladies' efforts — by inhaling a jelly donut.

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"You smell this combination of alcohol and sweat and Love's Baby Soft [in the studio]. It's nice," he said, munching away. "I applaud this thing you're doing. We need to send a message to especially young people. You've got to do this kind of thing. Get these machines and do this because it's really important."Did you work out (or drink or down a donut) with Hoda and Kathie Lee?Watch their workout and Williams' visit below:

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