Hillary Clinton has yooge weekend plans. Maybe.

Asked on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live if she will watch Donald Trump host Saturday Night Live, the Democratic presidential front-runner said she's definitely considering it (probably after binge-ing Madam Secretary and The Good Wife.)

"That I might do, actually. I think he watched me," Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel, referring to her appearance on the season premiere where did an amazing impression of Trump.

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After mentioning that Clinton attended Trump's wedding to Melania in 2004, Kimmel pointed out that Trump complimented the former secretary of state back in the day before putting her on his "losers" list. "He's not the only one," Clinton said. "When I'm not running for something, Republicans actually say nice things about the job I do."

See what else Clinton said about Trump (and if she bought him a wedding gift) below - and why she thinks she'd beat her husband Bill in an election.