Question: Hi there, Televisionary! Say, what can you tell me about Tony Randall's short-lived Love, Sidney? All I really remember is the opening theme.

Answer: Short-lived it was, Sidney. However, while your TV counterpart, artist Sidney Shorr (The Odd Couple's Randall) enjoyed his own show from October 1981 to August 1983, that's a relatively long time compared with the truly here-and-gone life spans of modern shows, which aren't given much time to make a mark at all.

The setup of the show was that Sidney had befriended a single, pregnant young actress (Swoosie Kurtz years before and had talked her out of having an abortion. When the series began, Kurtz's character, Laurie, showed up with daughter Patti (Kaleena Kiff) in hand to live with him. Alan North played Sidney's neighbor, a judge, for the first season, while Barbara Bryne was the wife of the super in Sidney's building (her character had a crush on Sidney) in Season 2. Chip Zien was an advertising art director Sidney dealt with in his working life, and the late Lynn Thigpen was the art director's secretary in the show's second season.